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Things I'm Waiting on;

Ume&Takio Chibi from :iconzehizzysaurus:
Lillith Chibi from :iconmystalaa:
Takio from :iconlikexsummerxrain:
Kurai from :iconthe-porcelaindoll:
Amarante from :iconcresent808:
Chibi UmeKaito and Stamp from :iconshadowhachia:

Things I'm Working On;

Anyone want to do a collab or art trade?




Hey guys! It's that time, CONTEST TIME! :heart:

So, I want this to be a HUGE 'Draw my OC' contest(Fanfictions can be entered as well.)

:bulletblue:So lets get started with the RULES;

1. YOU HAVE TO SHARE THIS JOURNAL IN A JOURNAL OF YOUR OWN TO JOIN. NO EXCEPTIONS. (So share it in your journal, then comment on here, with the link to your journal, I'll keep a list of people who do this, if you send in an entry, and you are NOT on this list, I will not judge it.)

2. Bases are not allowed. I'm sorry, I realize I use them in my art, but for a contest, It is just not fair. (Because you are only doing half the work.)

3. You can draw any of my OCs, and you can enter as many times as you like(You can only win 1 place however.)


5. You may change my OCs outfits, but please if you do, keep all colors of hair, skin, eyes the same. If you change their outfit, make sure it still suits their personality. (EXAMPLE: Ume is very shy, so don't put her in lingerie. )

6. Have fun!

7. You can draw your OCs with mine, all of mine are single.(Except Ume, she has a BF.) (You may draw Canon characters with my Naruto & Pokemon OC as well.)
8. If i commissioned something off of you(No references.) you may ENTER it into the contest, just follow the rest of the rules.


Fanfictions(One shots.)
Regular Drawings(Fullbody, chibi. etc)
Refernce Pictures(With their info written out, and all, but it can't be a TEMPLATE already made, you HAVE to make it on your own.)
Gender-bend pictures(Must have their original gender beside the gender-bend, both drawn by you.)
Fake Screenshots.
Traditional Drawings, Realistic Drawings, and Paintings(Though I'm not a big fan of ANY of these, you can still enter them, maybe it will blow my mind?)

:bulletblack:THINGS I LIKE;

Sexy Poses
Fullbody Images
Stories behind pictures
Boobs(I am a guy, so... xD)


Nice Lines, and coloring.
My OC's personality in the image/writing.
Wonderful writing technique.
Creativity(The more original it looks, the better.)
*(I will NOT be looking at who is the best artist, but If you have nice lines, and the colors of my OCs are correct, I'll like it.)*

:bulletgreen: OCS YOU CAN DRAW; (You can find their info below as well.)


Takio Hidaka;
Naruto Roleplay Character: Takio HidakaName: Hidaka, Takio (last, first)
Age: 17
Gender: Male
Sexual Orientation: Straight
Blood Type: O+
Birthday: July 12th
Personality: Takio is a very nice guy, but can be an asshole. He loves tricking people, and pulling pranks. He can be a huge pervert at times as well.
Like(s): Traveling, hot springs, spying, pranks
Dislike(s): Being pranked, being jealous, annoying girls.
Personal Quote: "Fooled again, punk!"
History: Takio was born in Konoha, his mother dying during his birth. He grew up with his father, Takashi. Takashi was very strict, wanting his son to succeed, and become an ANBU. Takio didn't want that life, he wanted to travel, and pull Pranks! He grew up, being a very good ninja, under his father's orders. That is why he can sometimes be an asshole. (More to come!)
Looks and Appearance
Body Type/Looks: skinny, muscular, tan skin, bright blue eyes,  He wears a long white shirt, with a black vest over top, He has regular blue training pants, and ninja shoes. His headband re

Ume Hidaka; (her bf,… )
Naruto OC: Ume HidakaName: Hidaka, Ume (last, first)
Age: 20
Gender: Female
Sexual Orientation: Straight
Blood Type: O+
Birthday: July 17th
Personality: Ume is a very sweet girl, she loves helping out. She can be quite shy around guys however. She can get very jealous, and can be very awkward at times as well.
Like(s): Long walks, beaches, hot springs, swimming, cooking, gardening
Dislike(s): being jealous, being forced to do something
Personal Quote: "nyeeehh!" (She usually says this when nervous, or when she messes up!)
History: This will come later on.
Looks and Appearance
Body Type/Looks: Skinny, smaller breasts. Pink dress with black rimming on the top and bottom(strapless). A sea-green over top, with straps, comes to a point in the middle. Headband on her right arm. Pink boots, with grey sock things above them. A black wrist band. Green eyes. Fair skin.
Height: 5'6
Weight: 120
Hairstyle(s): Short, and straight down.
Accessories: Her wristband.
Scent:  Like flowers.
Scars, Tattoos, Jewelry and/or

Kurai Hidaka;
Naruto OC: Kurai HidakaName: Hidaka, Kurai  (last, first)
Age: 19
Gender: Male
Sexual Orientation: Bisexual
Blood Type: AB+
Birthday: July 19th
Personality; Kurai is very cold, and to himself. He doesn't like being in big crowds, or really communicating with people in general. He enjoys being alone, and not having to do a lot of talking. But when he likes someone, he can be very sweet, and considerate.
Likes;  long walks, being alone, not having to talk, swimming, being warm.
Dislikes; The rain, being in huge crowds, hot springs(too many people.), being the center of attention.
Personal Quote: "Go away.."
History: This will come later on.
Looks and Appearance
Body Type/Looks: Look at his ref, picture please.
Height: 6'0
Weight: 150
Hairstyle(s): Just long and down.
Accessories: His mask
Scent: Like musk
Scars, Tattoos, Jewelry and/or Piercings: He has a scar under his lip, which is hidden by his mask
Favorites/Least Favorites
Food(s): Sushi
Drink(s): Water
Color(s): Navy Blue
Season(s): Summer

Amarante Hidaka;
Naruto OC: Amarante HidakaName: Hidaka, Amarante  (last, first)
Age: 16
Gender: Female
Sexual Orientation: Bisexual
Blood Type: AB+
Birthday: July 29th
Personality; Ama is very flirty. She loves messing with people, by flirting with them. You could call her a heartbreaker. She is also very perverted. She has never experienced love, hence her personality. She can be very sweet, and loving when she truly likes someone.
Likes; Long walks, beaches, having picnics, being a flirt, making people jealous.
Dislikes; Being jealous, hot springs(she's embarrassed of her naked body.), being ignored.
Personal Quote: "You're cute, I like you!" (What she normally says, when she's starting to flirt.)
History: This will come later on.
Looks and Appearance
Body Type/Looks: Look at her ref. pic.
Height: 5'3 (Very short)
Weight: 100
Hairstyle(s): Look at her ref.
Accessories: scarf, wristbands.
Scent: Like cherries
Scars, Tattoos, Jewelry and/or Piercings: None.
Favorites/Least Favorites
Food(s): Ramen
Drink(s): Water

Yuuka Hidaka;
Naruto OC: Yuuka HidakaName: Hidaka, Yuuka  (last, first)
Age: 18
Gender: Female
Sexual Orientation: Straight
Blood Type: O+
Birthday: July 21st
Personality; Yuu is a very sweet, and charming woman, She's very well-mannered, and loves helping people out. She is very sweet hearted.
Likes; Romantic walks, Hot Springs, Flowers, cooking.
Dislikes; Snakes, Rodents, being afraid, being yelled at, failing.
Personal Quote: "Don't worry!" (What she normally says, to calm people down.)
History: This will come later on.
Looks and Appearance
Body Type/Looks: Look at her ref.
Height: 5'8
Weight: 130
Hairstyle(s): Look at her ref.
Accessories: N/A
Scent: Like Strawberries
Scars, Tattoos, Jewelry and/or Piercings: N/A
Favorites/Least Favorites
Food(s): Chicken
Drink(s): Sake
Color(s): Pink
Season(s): Fall
Time of Day: Afternoon
Weather: Sunny
Flower: Tulip
Animal: Cats
Ninja Information
Birth Village: Suna
Current Village: Suna
Rank: Chuunin
Ninja Status: Villager
Are you in the Akatsuki?: No.
Bijuu [Tailed Beast]?: N

Kenshin Oshiro;
Naruto OC: Kenshin OshiroName: Oshiro, Kenshin  (last, first)
Age: 17
Gender: Male
Sexual Orientation: Straight
Blood Type: AB-
Birthday: July 25th
Personality; Kenshin is very loyal, and trustworthy. He loves to help people out as much as he is able too. He is very caring, and is a total sweetheart. He doesn't have a bad bone in him! He has a very high confidence level!
Likes; long walks, adventures, traveling, good cooks, the breeze of the day.
Dislikes; Being yelled at, being made fun of, being laughed at.
Personal Quote: "If i can do it, You can do it!"
History: I haven't made it all the way, but what i have so far is that he had his eyes ripped out when trying to save his mother, at age 15.
Looks and Appearance
Body Type/Looks: Look at his ref.
Height: 6'0
Weight: 140
Hairstyle(s): look at his ref.
Accessories: His headband that he has over his eyes.
Scent: Like pine
Scars, Tattoos, Jewelry and/or Piercings: A scar down his back, from when he tried to save his mother.
Favorites/Least Favorites

Miho Oshiro;
Naruto OC: Miho OshiroName: Oshiro, Miho  (last, first)
Age: 16(pre) // 18 (shipp.)
Gender: Female
Sexual Orientation: Straight
Blood Type: O+
Birthday: July 28th
Personality; Miho is very flirty, but only when she really likes the person. She can be very cold hearted, but she could also be a sweet heart.
Likes; traveling, singing, drawing, cooking
Dislikes; Being bored, being at one place too long.
Personal Quote: "If theres a way there, Then I'll go!"
History: This will come later on. She is Kenshin's younger cousin, her and her mother, Kokoro travel around, looking for him. After Miho becomes a Chuunin.
Looks and Appearance
Body Type/Looks: Look at her ref.
Height: 5'4 (pre) // 5'8 (ship.)
Weight: 120 (pre) // 150 (ship.)
Hairstyle(s): Look at her ref.
Scent: Like cookies
Scars, Tattoos, Jewelry and/or Piercings:
Favorites/Least Favorites
Food(s): Sweets
Drink(s): Milk
Color(s): Orange
Season(s): Winter
Time of Day: Afternoon
Weather: Windy
Flower: Peace Lilly
Animal: Koi Fish
Ninja Inf


Lillith Deser; (Draw her with her pokemon, and I'll like it 10x more.)


Damien Byers;
Roleplay Character: Damien ByersFull Name; Damien Byers
Likes to be called; D
Age; 22-26 (depending on roleplay)
Sexuality; Bisexual
Species; Demon (Fallen Angel)
Personality; D is a very cold hearted person, he hates almost anyone. He likes to keep to himself, and stay in the shadows.
Other things about them; He is blind in his right eye.
Fears; Being murdered, falling in love with a human. He is a seme.
Secrets; Wished he had never fallen from heaven.
Looks; Black, shaggy hair. Black(or dark grey) eye patch over right eye. Fair skin, but on the darker side. Red eyes. Very tall, and muscular. He wears a long black trench coat, and skin tight black clothes. He has long black wings. ( )

Ericka Williams;
Roleplay Character: Ericka WilliamsFull Name; Ericka Williams
Likes to be called; Eric or Ka
Age; 19-25 (depending on roleplay)
Sexuality; Straight
Species; Human
Personality; Ericka is very shy, and likes to stay hidden. She is a very sweet girl, and loves to help out, when she can. She is very innocent, and was the 'book worm' in highschool!
Other things about them; She is very pretty, but hates all the attention she gets!
Fears; Being in huge crowds, being raped.
Secrets; She is very fascinated by the supernatural world, and by bugs.
Looks; Long, blonde hair, straight. Baby blue eyes, fair skin. Bigger breasted. She normally wears long t-shirts, with pants, and regular shoes. But sometimes she over-does it, and looks.. well. Like a slut. ( Sorta like this; )

Daniel Johnson;
Roleplay Character: Daniel JohnsonFull Name; Daniel Johnson
Likes to be called; Danny
Age; 18-23 (Depends on roleplay)
Sexuality; Bisexual.
Species; Human
Personality; Danny is a very well-mannered man. He is quite the gentleman, but very quiet. He never speaks out of place, and loves helping out. He can be very rude, but usually is just really shy. When he drinks, he goes crazy, and acts like an asshole.
Other things about them; He is the uke. And he loves drinking alcohol, which usually makes him have bad decisions. He also smokes cigarettes, and occasionally smokes pot, when stressed. If we are roleplaying, in his later years(20-23), He works at a computer tech shop, as the repair guy. His parents are very rich, but he hates it, so when he turned 20 he moved out, and got a small apartment.
Fears; Being killed, being drunk all the time, supernatural species.
Secrets; He keeps it a secret that he is bisexual, usually that half of him only comes out when he is drunk!
Looks; tan skin, yellow piercing eyes. Black shaggy

Mireya Miller;
Roleplay Character: Mireya MillerFull Name; Mireya Miller
Likes to be called; Mire
Age; 17-21 (Depends on roleplay)
Sexuality; Straight
Species; Vampire
Personality; She is very self-centered, loves being the ceneter of attention. She can be very jealous, and loves toying with human emotions. She is very seductive.
Real Age(if vampire); 500ish
Other things about them; She likes to go to bars, and drink, though she can't get drunk.
Fears; Being killed
Secrets; Wants to be human.
Looks; Long, white, curly hair. Red eyes, pale skin. Looks young. Loves wearing lollita dresses and outfits!( Sorta like this; )

Akio Frie;
Roleplay Character: Akio FrieFull Name; Akio Frie
Likes to be called; Akio or Kitty
Age; 15-25 (Depends on roleplay, normally around age 19 I will use him.)
Sexuality; Bisexual
Species; Neko (Catboy. ^^; )
Personality; Akio is a very sweet, and shy guy. He loves hiding his face behind his hair. He is very calm, and not self-centered at all. He is very charming at times.
Other things about them; He gets very shy, and stutters and blushes a good amount. When drunk; He is the complete opposite.
Fears; Being made fun of, spiders.
Secrets; Likes being bossed around, it's a turn on.
Looks; Blue hair, over his eyes. His eyes are brown however. Fair skin. Blue ears, and tail. A yellow hoodie, with the hood over his head. Blue shorts, and yellow boots with bows. On his tail, he has a bow with a bell. ( )

:bulletpurple: And Your Favorite thing, PRIZES;

1st Place;
400 pts 
2 Pictures 
500 word one shot. (Or an Adoptable)
1 Month Premium Membership (If i have the money)
Fullbody Drawing by :iconapricotthing:
Llama from :iconjacob-reddinger:
Fullbody Drawing by :iconjacob-reddinger: (NO BG.)
3 full body sketches and 1 headshot by :iconnightstrikers:
100 points from :iconzombie-scarecrow:

2nd Place;
200 pts
1 Picture
A short Story (Or an Adoptable)
Halfbody Drawing by :iconapricotthing:
Chibi by :iconmitsuki-takahashi:
Llama from :iconjacob-reddinger:
Waist up drawing by :iconjacob-reddinger: (NO BG.)
2 Full body sketches by :iconnightstrikers:

3rd Place;
150 pts
1 Chibi picture
Chibi adoptable(If you want one.)
Head shot Drawing by :iconapricotthing:
Chibi by :iconmitsuki-takahashi:
Llama from :iconjacob-reddinger:
Chibi by by :iconjacob-reddinger: (NO BG.)
1 fullbody sketch by :iconnightstrikers:

( If you want to contribue prizes follow this link to learn how;… )

:bulletblue: DEADLINE; September 7th, 2013 (Thats over a month, I think that is enough time.)

:bulletred: CONTESTANTS;


:bulletpurple: ENTRIES;
<da:thumb id="389534359"/>
:bulletblack: So please join! <3 

EDIT 1; SORRY ALL OF MY DA FRIENDS. Yepp, first off i'm sorry for not replying, I became very busy, and didn't 
feel like being on DA or doing this anymore. ;w; But i am alllll better now. I will reply as fast as i can.(be patient)
I'm sorry everyone, and i love you all. <3


Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
United States
Hey, My name is Xavier. Call me Xa, or KittyKan.

I make OC's, Mainly human/supernatural(vampires. etc.) ones, and a few Naruto, If i feel up to it. :)

I'm new here, so please be patient, and nice to me?

I would LOVE to be your friend, and you DON'T have to thank me for every favorite i give you!


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